Evo Insurance Services

We have specialized in working with high net worth individual for the last 30 years. We know above all you demand privacy and confidentiality. This is the first thing that we guarantee. As we are also trained forensic accountants we can help in many more situations where many brokers are not trained.

Key Man Insurance

We are a small insurance company helping client with key man, and executive replacement insurance.

Don't get left in the position of having to replace one of your top performers without having cash on hand to ease the transition.


One day we all want to retire in comfort, or keep working at a lesser pace with no financial pressure.

We can help you plan for that day and minimize your tax position at the same time.

Life Insurance

Even high net worth individuals need some form of insurance. One day our worth can be high and then next lower, often depending on markets on property.

We can help smooth out these highs and lows and make sure you know that all eventualities are being catered for.